Sakr Real Estate Launches the "#Men_Warakoun" Campaign in Celebration of its Workforce

Wednesday 26 April, Sakr Real Estate's team added a special touch to a regular working day of 250 workers at Admir's construction site, whereby the team conducted a site visit giving out presents to the laborers as a symbol of gratitude and appreciation for their hard work in accomplishing the company's goals.

The initiative entitled "#Men_Warakoun" aims to send across a message of gratefulness to the hidden soldiers who are working day and night tirelessly at the construction site to ensure the timely delivery of the project.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. George Khouri, Group Marketing Director of SAKR Holding, stated that the hard work of the construction workers is a big part of the company's success saying that: "Holidays like Labor Day make us take a minute out of our hectic schedule to appreciate all the hard workers of our big family. It's an opportunity to honor the impeccable job they are doing to turn a dream project like Admir into reality."

To watch the video of this initiative, click on the link:

As the pioneer of smart construction in the MENA region, Sakr Real Estate is committed to reward every employee helping the company to reach its goal in establishing developments, which bridge the complex world of advanced technologies with the simple comfort of an enhanced quality of life.

About Admir:
ADMIR, the company's hero project is a secure, is a gated community in Adma that features high-end apartments in a smart living environment, offering the ultimate exclusive lifestyle for its residents. Comprised of 78 buildings that are surrounded with vast, common green areas, and a series of recreational and lavish amenities including: community center rooftop pools, high-tech fitness club, outdoor activities, and more.

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